Low Carb Marshmallow Recipe

Low Carb Marshmallow Recipe for Winter

Low carb marshmallows are like eye-candy, so I am sharing my version of a low carb marshmallow recipe with you. To me, marshmallows are simply eye candy, but let’s face it, they are fun! If not, actually therapeutic. Like drops of snow in the dead of winter, they make our hot chocolates look cozy and inviting. Plus – they add a little extra taste to your low carb hot chocolate.

These little low carb marshmallows will turn your wintertime hot chocolate into a little cup of therapy. You can use them to have a “girls night in” or “pamper yourself” weekend with hot chocolate and low carb marshmallows. Curl up with a good book by the fire and enjoy this low carb marshmallow recipe by yourself.

The Process:

This low carb marshmallow recipe uses light whipped cream, water, sugar-free vanilla coffee syrup, and a large snowflake mold. So, the one you see in this post is a palm-sized marshmallow snowflake floating in almost a soup-sized coffee mug. However, you can see what the small snowflakes look like while using the same cup.

Low Carb Marshmallow Recipe

I started with just the whipped cream and discovered that the whip cream does not come to a complete solid when frozen. Therefore, I ended up adding water to make the low carb marshmallows freeze. And as a result, do a better job of taking the shape of the mold. However, this ended up diluting the taste. So, I decided to add sugar-free vanilla coffee syrup to counteract the dilute flavor.

Finally, this low carb marshmallow recipe became a success. The taste was back to its original taste. However, when you pour the mixture into your molds, be sure to give your tray a few light taps to make sure the mixture settles completely into the shape of the mold before freezing. Otherwise, when you get ready to unmold your low carb marshmallows they may not be completely defined.

In addition, keep in mind that the marshmallows will still have a low melting point. So, they will start melting as soon as you start popping them out of the mold – especially if your hands are warm or the room is hot. Therefore, I suggest having a lined cookie sheet or plate in the freezer. In this way, they can hold your unmolded low carb marshmallows until you are ready to use them.

You only need a few supplies:

The recipe below fills one large snowflake mold and a couple of the small ones provided on the same mold “large” snowflake mold.  So, if you want to make several small low carb marshmallows at once you will need the small snowflake molds. The “small” snowflake molds come with 3 trays. Therefore, you can double the recipe to make several snowflake marshmallows at once.

Yields: 1 Large Snowflake Marshmallow + 2-3 small or Several Small Flakes


3 Tbsp. Light Whipped Cream

2 Tbsp. Distilled Water

1 tsp. Sugar- Free Vanilla Coffee Syrup


  1. Place whipped cream in a small bowl.
  2. Add water and sugar-free syrup.
  3. Stir until the mixture thins and is well-blended.
  4. Pour in the snowflake mold of your choice.
  5. Place on a flat surface inside the freezer.
  6. Allow to freeze.
  7. Unmold the snowflake marshmallows.
  8. Add to hot chocolate and enjoy!


That’s all for now. Let me know what you think of my low carb marshmallow recipe.


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