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SIMPLE Low Carb Magazine (Fall 2018 Edition)

Low Carb Magazine_Fall 2018 Cover (revised)I am excited to release the first SIMPLE low carb magazine produced and published by Low Carb Diet Life. As the name suggests, we kept our low carb magazine SIMPLE. We made viewing our low carb magazine simple in a few ways. First, we created readable content that is short and to the point. Second, we used a simple combination of images and graphics. And lastly, we included several navigable links. In this way, you can quickly shop and quickly view the entire SIMPLE low carb magazine. We shared the simplicity of fall with some of our affiliates, partners, and sponsors.


Featured In The Fall 2018 Edition

Simple Low Carb Magazine Excerpt_ Fall 2018 (revised)

This SIMPLE Fall 2018 Edition (Revised)

  • Featured: The Moringa Leaf
  • Travel Story
  • Health: Constipation: How to Stay Regular On the Keto Diet?!
  • Fall Fruit & Vegetable (Eggplant Recipe Included)
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (Health Benefits)
  • Drink Recipes: Pumpkin Chai Latte
  • Keto Coconut Moringa Fat Bombs

Navigable Links

There are navigable links throughout the SIMPLE low carb magazine for a few main reasons. When you are viewing a page in the magazine, in some instances you are given the choice to keep going or learn more about that topic. Therefore, only when you want to learn more about an article, advertisement, low carb product, or service – SIMPLY click on one of the navigable link buttons! There are “click here” and “instruction” buttons. Because, at times, some of the images themselves include a navigable link. So, look out for the clickable buttons on the pages. In this way, it can help you save time, get more information, and simplify your shopping experience.

We hope you enjoy reading SIMPLE! Please let us know what you think about our first edition. We hope to produce another low carb magazine soon. So, your feedback is appreciated. Thanks again for reading  the SIMPLE Low Carb Magazine.

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  1. The low carb cracker recipe is amazing and versatile! You can easily make them without salt to enjoy as one of your low carb low sodium snacks or add more salt if you want. They will also taste great with different meat and cheese combos. Gouda cheese will go great with the low carb cracker recipe.

    • Hi Lesly! Thank you for commenting on our Low Carb Magazine! Glad you enjoyed our revised edition! The magazine is designed by Kreatif Solutions.

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