Orange Peel Tea Health Benefits

Orange Peel Tea Health Benefits

Today, we are looking at the orange peel tea health benefits. Although originally mentioned as an ingredient that contributes to chai latte health benefits, this will go into more depth about orange peel tea.  While it is pleasant enough to enjoy just because of its aroma and taste, orange peel tea health benefits goes far beyond that.

Orange peel has more than four times the fiber than the orange itself. In addition, research shows that the orange peel contains increased amounts of two cancer fighting substances called tangeretin and nobiletin. Orange peel tea health benefits include the fact that it contains iron, zinc, magnesium, copper, and vitamins A, C, and B.

Orange Peel Tea Health Benefits

Oranges are not a low carb food to eat. However, you can capture some of its beneficial low carb properties when added to different low carb teas. Therefore, specific health benefits of orange peel tea are discussed below.

1. Fights Depression & Fatigue

One of the orange peel tea health benefits is that it has an uplifting citrus aroma that increase blood circulation. This citrus aroma helps get your blood flowing and fight against depression and chronic fatigue. Therefore, orange peel tea makes a great tea during the fall and winter months.

2. Aid Digestion & Reduce Weight

Since orange peel contains more fiber, it can help cleanse our colon. When our colon becomes sluggish, we too can become sluggish for various reasons. However, the primary result can be due to a lack of energy. With less energy, we move around or exercise less. In this way, we can run the risk of gaining weight. Therefore, with an increase in low carb vegetables, a person can increase their energy and burn more calories throughout the day.

3. Lowers Cholesterol

Lowering blood cholesterol levels is another one of orange peel teas health benefits. The Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reports that tangeretin can reduce the level of bad cholesterol in the blood.

4. Antimicrobial

As an antimicrobial, orange peel can help you fight bacteria and viruses that we all encounter from day to day. It can destroy bad bacteria that finds it way into the gut. In this way, orange peel tea can strengthen your overall immunity. Therefore, one of the orange peel tea health benefits is that it can reduce your risk of catching the cold or flu virus.

5. Relieves Symptoms of Bronchitis

Orange peel tea health benefits include it acting as a bronchodilator. And as a result of mucous-filled airways being opened, your cough can be suppressed. Therefore, orange peel tea benefits asthma and bronchitis.

6. Reduce Risk of Cancer

According to the British Journal of Cancer,  the isolated flavonoid, tangeretin cause cancer cells to die and reduced the resulting toxic load on the body. Meanwhile, the Carcinogenesis Journal published research concluding that nobiletin inhibited cell growth and reduced inflammation in colon cancer cells.


Orange peel tea is definitely a low carb tea worth incorporating into your low carb diet. One way to add some of the health benefits of orange peel into your diet is by cooking with it! Simply add a fresh citrus twist to your low carb seafood dishes or grate some on your orange beef recipes.

Depending on where you live, you can purchase Dried Orange Peel from your local grocery store. Otherwise, it is available to purchase online. You are invite to subscribe below and follow us on social media. This concludes Orange Peel Tea Health Benefits.

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    • Orange peels are a popular scent for potpourri! They smell delightful. You can actually eat organic orange peels, depending on your reason for being on a low carb diet. Orange peels are higher in carbs than the tea.

  1. An Interesting post ..I pickle watermelon rind …We also dry orange slices in the sun here …Orange is one of my favourite flavours it pairs well and love grating the rind into food …Not used it in tea yet but one to try…:) Thank you for following my blog I look forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

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