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Low Carb Water

Drinking low carb water is an easy way to stay on a low carb diet. However, it is also a great way to start a low carb diet! In fact, it is recommended because water is actually a no carb drink. However, there are more health benefits of drinking low carb water.

We are composed of almost 60 percent water. Water is needed to keep our blood flowing and supplying all of our organs with needed oxygen. In fact, water is an essential component for our body’s production of ATP (energy). However, I am clearly not talking about just any kind of water!

Water that comes out of most faucets is not high-quality drinking water. Not only does it lose some of its health benefits during its filtration process, you may actually be drinking all kinds of unmentionable yucky stuff missed during the filtration process. I will spare the details of my bad faucet water experience in this post, but you can read about it here.

Therefore, when switching to a low carb water diet, I will strongly recommend that you drink bottled water. After watching a few “where does faucet water come from” videos, I started using bottled water to make my coffee drinks. Therefore, when possible, drink a variety of healthy low carb water drinks.

My Favorite Bottled Waters

You can see a list of recommended waters below. However, I will start with a quick overview of my favorite bottled waters. Different low carb water brands have different tastes and benefits. Therefore, a high-quality low carb water can provide you with more health benefits than one of lower quality. FIJI, Voss Still, Penta, and blk spring waters are my favorites.

fiji penta
Blk. voss

Quick H2O Overview

Fiji water is a natural artesian water. It has a really nice and clean taste since the water comes from the Fiji Islands. It makes me feel nice and hydrated afterwards. Nevertheless, I attempt to drink a variety of waters to capture all of their unique health benefits.

Penta water is an ultra-purified water that tastes super-clean. It actually reminds me of drinking the Bullet Proof Coffee. In addition to the clean taste, the Penta water made me feel super-alert mentally and physically. So, for me, there is/was a very noticeable difference in the quality of Penta water when I first started drinking it.

Blk. water is a fulvic acid mineral water. The water really is a murky black-colored water with a pretty good semi-chalky taste. Scientist claim that the soil and food is becoming more mineral deficient. Therefore,  I was eager to discover the health benefits derived from blk. water is enhanced mineral content.

VOSS Still water seemed to be more mineral rich than the Artesian Fiji water. The taste is really nice and clean, but not as smooth as the FIJI or Penta waters. However, I think it less smooth because it contain more natural minerals. I say this because the first time I had a VOSS Still water it seemed to have a mild detox effect on me. I did not notice this effect when I started drinking the blk. water. When I started drinking the VOSS water more often, the detox effect was not as noticeable. This is likely because my body was no longer deficient of the minerals it provides.

List of Recommended Waters

1. FIJI Natural Artesian Water (24 pack)
2. Voss Artesian Still (24 pack)
3. Voss Artesian Sparkling Flavor Variety (12 Glass Bottles)
4. Tangerine Lemongrass Voss Sparkling Water (12 pack)
5. Lemon Cucumber Voss Sparkling Water (12 pack)
6. Lime Mint Voss Sparkling Water (12 pack)
7. Acqua Panna Natural Spring Water (12 pack)
8. Evian Natural Spring Water (24 pack)
9. Penta 100% Ultra-Purified Water (24 pack)
10. Blk Spring Water Infused with Fulvic Acid (12 pack)
11. bubly Sparkling Water Sampler (18 pack)
12. S.Pellegrino Sparkling Natural Mineral Water (12 pack)
13. Perrier Peach Flavored Carbonated Mineral Water (30 pack)


If drinking low carb water does not appeal to you yet, the Low Carb Diet Life has a large selection of low carb drink recommendations. That’s all for now! I hope you enjoy some of our low carb water recommendations.

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