Low Carb Hot Chocolate

Low Carb Hot Chocolate Recipe

As the weather transitions, there are few things cozier than making and drinking a low carb hot chocolate recipe. Therefore, I am excited to share this recipe with you. Later, I will be debuting my version of low carb marshmallows. There is something about these fluffy white treats that make a warm cup of low carb hot chocolate complete. So, stick around to get the recipe.

I have mentioned a low carb hot chocolate recipe a few times now, so I am finally sharing this little cup of goodness with you. Chocolate really does have a component that makes us feel good. In fact, it cause our body to release the same hormone produced when we are falling in love. So, get ready for more low carb chocolate recipes this winter. There will be no “wintertime blues” going on around here.

By now, you have already read about the health benefits of chocolate.  And, I have also provided a way for you to make a healthy low carb hot cocoa using cacao powder. Therefore, I will get right to this quick recipe.

The Process

So, this low carb hot chocolate recipe is made with an actual low carb chocolate candy bar. While I prefer the rich creamy taste of almond milk, I used unsweetened coconut milk. I did so to minimize carbs since this low carb hot chocolate recipe uses a sweetened chocolate bar.  Unsweetened coconut milk contains less than 1 gram of carbs per cup, so it will balance out the carbs of the low carb chocolate bar.

The entire Chocolove chocolate bar has 17 grams of carbs. But, the recipe only calls for adding 2 or 3 of 8 squares. So, you are only looking at about 5 – 7 carbs per cup of hot chocolate. Therefore, you really are getting a low carb hot chocolate recipe.

After warming the unsweetened coconut milk, I added a few squares of the Chocolove Dark Chocolate candy bar. You can read my Chocolove bar review to see how I described the taste and quality. It is very similar in taste to the Lily’s Chocolate Bar, but sweeter. Therefore, if you prefer a sugar-free version of this recipe, you can use the Lily’s 70% Dark Chocolate Bar. Her low carb chocolate bar is sweetened with stevia and erythritol instead of sugar.

The Ingredients:

1 Chocolove Bar (2-3 Squares)

3/4 c. Unsweetened Coconut Milk

The Prep:

  1. Warm the milk until hot.
  2. Add the chocolate bars.
  3. Stir until chocolate pieces are melted.
  4. Enjoy while hot.


There will be more healthy low carb hot chocolate recipes, but that’s all for now. This concludes this Low Carb Hot Chocolate recipe.

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