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Low Carb Hot Chocolate Tea

We have talked about hot chocolate and hot tea, so why not low carb hot chocolate tea?! If you are like me, drinking hot chocolate tea is a new concept. I like chocolate and I like tea, but who would have thought to bring them together?!

But, the cool part is that there are dark chocolate health benefits that are different from the health benefits of drinking tea. So, when you bring them together, you should have a really healthy low carb drink. Because of this, I am looking forward to experimenting with some of my own low carb hot chocolate tea recipes.

But, in the meantime, The Republic of Tea has a pretty nice looking selection of low carb hot chocolate tea. So, I will keep this post short and semi-sweet.

The Cuppa “Teas”

Cuppa Chocolate Tea Assortment

Banana Cuppa Chocolate Strawberry Chocolate
Coconut Cocoa Herb Tea Red Velvet Cuppa Chocolate Tea

Double Dark Chocolate Mate

The Cuppa Chocolate Tea Assortment includes a variety pack of individually wrapped low carb chocolate teas. The assortment includes red velvet chocolate tea, coconut cocoa herb tea, banana chocolate tea, strawberry chocolate tea and peppermint chocolate tea.

Banana Cuppa Chocolate Tea is a tropical fused tea with the aroma and taste of banana, chocolate, and rooibos tea. It is calorie free and therefore sugar-free and carb free. It is a must try for anyone on a low carb diet that would enjoy the taste of chocolate dipped bananas.

Strawberry Chocolate Tea really needs no introduction. Just think chocolate covered strawberries. However, it has been upgraded further with the inclusion of a antioxidant-rich red rooibos tea.

Coconut Cocoa Herb Tea is a really healthy sounding combination of tea. However, it is a “dessert in a cup.” But, it is only 5 calories and sugar-free. This low carb hot chocolate tea is an exotic fusion of flavors including dates, roasted carobs, chicory, coconut, cacao powder and more.

Red Velvet Cuppa Chocolate Tea is a dessert tea composed of a rooibos blend of chocolate and pieces of beet root. This hot chocolate tea can satisfy your taste for red velvet cake. However, it too is calorie free and therefore sugar-free (low carb).

Double Dark Chocolate Mate is an organic blend of Yerba Mate and cacao powder. Between the antioxidant-rich tea and polyphenols found in cacao powder, this is a really healthy blend to indulge in on a low carb diet.


All of the hot chocolate tea is low carb. So, try one or try them all. You can’t go wrong with a low carb hot chocolate tea.

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