chai latte health benefits

Chai Latte Health Benefits

There are multiple chai latte health benefits that I cannot wait to share with you. But, as a researcher, I want to give you a comprehensive source of information. Therefore, realize that you have actually asked a relatively loaded question about “chai tea.”

So, you have really asked – what are the health benefits of chai tea latte?

Since this is a low carb diet blog, I will also mention (or remind) you that excess sugar will negate many of the health benefits of chai tea. Both in regards to losing weight on a low carb diet and capturing the other amazing health benefits. So, use a low carb almond milk and avoid sugary sweeteners.

To continue, this post will be providing the health benefits of a low carb chai tea latte.

To discover the chai latte health benefits, you can start by learning the ingredients of a basic chai tea. Then, you can learn the health benefits contributed by each ingredient. So, we will start this chai latte health benefits series with a basic discussion about what’s in chai tea.

What’s in chai tea?

Chai tea is a very fragrant tea that captures your attention with the wonderful smell first and the taste second. And the exciting smell of chai tea does not disappoint you! Because, there is also the corresponding great taste of chai tea. Without any research, I can tell you from personal experience that this low carb tea drink improves your mood. I am not sure which ingredient is guilty of making us feel good yet, but it does lift your spirits.

When you try my low carb Chocolate Coconut Green Tea Chai Latte recipe, you will really feel good because you will also capture the health benefits of chocolate.

Ok, so what’s in chai tea…

The Ingredients:

Traditional Tea – Traditional tea is made from green, black, white, or oolong leaf tea. The leaves are all the same, but the preparation and health benefits change for each of the four kinds of tea.

Herbal Teas – Herbal teas are teas made from a variety of herbs, spices, roots, seeds, fruits, flowers, dried fruit skins, and other dried foods. They are excellent low carb tea drinks! However, the main ingredients found in most chai teas are:

  • Cinnamon – With cooler weather, often comes the risk of catching a cold. However, cinnamon has antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, and antiseptic properties to help protect you. Therefore, it can help you stay well while on a low carb diet. But there are many additional health benefits of cinnamon.
  • Ginger – One of the most popular health benefits of ginger is that this low carb vegetable promotes good digestion and relieve digestive ailments. And secondly, it produces a warming tea that improves blood circulation. You can read more about the health benefits of ginger.
  • Cardamom – Black cardamom is known for having a smoky, yet sweet flavor. Green cardamom does not have a smoky flavor, but is sweeter in taste. Cardamom is beneficial for relieving inflammation and congestion in the lungs.
  • Cloves – Cloves also contribute to the chai latte health benefits by aiding digestion and boosting the immune system. In fact, studies indicate that it contains potent anti-carcinogenic properties.
  • Orange Peels – Orange essential oil properties come from the peel of an orange. Therefore, orange peels contribute to the uplifting aroma provided by most citrus ingredients. You can learn more about orange peel tea health benefits.
  • Nutmeg – Nutmeg actually improves brain health and triggers the release of serotonin, a natural sedative that makes us feel good. But, that’s not all! Read more about nutmeg health benefits.
  • Black Pepper – While black pepper adds depth to your chai tea latte, it is also responsible for improving digestion and weight loss efforts. Learn more amazing black pepper health benefits.

Others – Depending on which chai latte you order, there can be another herbal tea or spice added to customize the chai tea. For example, you can make a low carb vanilla chai latte or a low carb pumpkin chai latte. Or, just a plain low carb chai tea latte.


One of the patterns of chai latte health benefits noted is that all of the chai tea ingredients are antimicrobial and aid digestion. In this way, the chai latte health benefits include being a low carb drink that promotes weight loss and good health in one way or another.

At the start, I stated that the smell of chai tea captures my attention first and then the taste. Well, my preliminary research confirmed my observation that chai tea does make us feel good. It not only keeps us warm, but multiple chai tea ingredients have properties that actually help improve lung health, destroy bacteria, and improve overall well-being. Therefore, I will be capturing much more of the health benefits of chai tea latte this fall. So, hopefully you will join me in capturing the chai latte health benefits.

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    • Hi Frieda! Thanks for sharing! – Chai lattes have been one of my favorite drinks for some time. However, the health benefits of turmeric are a relatively new find for me. So, I have not tried turmeric with a chai latte before, but I have started adding it to my morning coffee along with cacao powder and extra virgin organic coconut oil.

      • I’ve been treating a rotator cuff injury by ingesting turmeric with my tea and other foods like tuna and eggs. I aim for one-half to one full teaspoon. It has been helping me a lot. I don’t take any OTC or prescription medication and have been relying solely on turmeric. I’m sold on it and will continue to add it to my food regardless of injury.

      • Wow! Very nice to hear that you are capturing some of the health benefits of turmeric. I have used it to help ease pain and swelling as well.

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