Nuco Coconut Wraps Review

Nuco Coconut Wraps Review

After trying these low carb wraps with different recipes, I am finally ready to write the Nuco Coconut Wraps review. The low carb wraps ingredients are composed completely of organic coconut!

The Nuco Coconut Wraps have many of the same health benefits of eating coconut oil, Therefore, among other amazing things, they also promote health and wellness. Because of this, I recommend that anyone on a low carb diet try to incorporate them into their diet.

The Nuco Coconut Wraps are made from organic coconut meat, organic coconut water, and organic virgin coconut oil. Therefore, they are raw, low carb, low sodium, non-GMO, vegan, paleo, and gluten-free. So whatever kind of diet you are on, these wraps have you covered. They are  a really healthy low carb alternative to traditional breads and tortillas.

1 Coconut Wrap = 5g Fat, 6g Carbs, 1g Protein

This Nuco Coconut Wraps review will continue with a description of the size, shape, taste, smell, color, and texture of the Original Flavor. And it concludes with a brief personal review of each of these aspect.

1. Size & Shape

The Nuco Coconut Wraps are large-sized. To me, they are comparable in size to a large flour tortilla. Therefore, the size does allow you to place as many flavorful ingredients that you like. However, unlike most flour tortillas, the coconut wraps are square.

2. Taste & Smell

The taste and smell makes you aware that you are eating a “coconut” wrap. In fact, the taste of the original Nuco coconut wrap reminds me of unsweetened coconut flakes. Therefore, if you enjoy the taste and smell of coconut, you will likely really enjoy eating these wraps.

3. Color & Texture

The original Nuco Coconut Wraps are a traditional tan colored wrap. They are thin and smooth in texture. In fact, the color and flexibility reminds me of a crepe. Since the all natural wraps are fragile, you may have to use your dry ingredients first to help them keep their integrity.

Concluding Thoughts

I will conclude this Nuco Coconut Wraps review by saying that there are many health benefits of eating coconut oil. Therefore, keep that in mind when you try them with different savory recipes. You may prefer one of the  flavored coconut wraps.

The package states that they are not to be refrigerated or frozen. However, before discovering the instructions not to do so, I kept them refrigerated and did not notice any issues.

The wraps are recommended for vegan, savory, and sweet recipes. I really did not try any low carb vegan recipes. However, I did enjoy most of the savory and sweet recipes that I tried. The low carb spring rolls were my favorite.

Since the wrap taste like unsweetened coconut flakes, the savory flavors disguise most of the coconut taste. On the other hand, the fresh blackberry and light whipped cream dessert enhanced the aroma and taste of the low carb coconut wrap. Therefore, I may use some other low carb fruits in season to create low carb dessert recipes with them.

Coconut Wraps Recipes:

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This concludes the low carb Nuco Coconut Wraps Review.

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