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9 Delicious Fall Fruits in Season: Low Carb Diet Seasonal Food Guide

If you have been perusing the online grocery aisles at Shipt, there are about 9 delicious fall fruits in season right now. However, they are not all low carb. But, as with most things in life, self-control is essential. Therefore, I left them on the list for you to enjoy in moderation. In this way, you can still capture the taste of fall fruits while being on a low carb diet.

Seasonal Fruit Guide

1. Apples are a late summer, early fall fruit.

fall fruits in seasonTherefore, apples are still fall fruits in season right now. However, they can only be enjoyed in moderation on a low carb diet because they are a sweet fruit. But do not worry, there is a powerful “solution” for that. A low carb apple cider vinegar drink is a highly beneficial way to incorporate “apple” into your diet.

100 grams of apple (1 tiny apple – 2 1/2 in. diameter) = 14 grams of carbs

2. Cranberries are best between the months of October through December.

This small, round fruit is a red-colored berry with significant health benefits. Fortunately, it is more of an acidic-tasting fruit than sweet. Therefore, unsweetened cranberries are allowed in moderation on a low carb diet. You can enjoy a taste of fall this year by mixing them with other low carb nuts like almonds.

100 grams of Cranberries (about 1 cup diced) = 12 grams of carbs

Easy Cranberry Almond Snack Mix:

1 Tbsp. Dried Cranberries w/Unsweetened Apple Juice

1 Serving 100 Calorie Pack of Almonds & Walnuts

3. Figs are a summer fruit with a small second harvest in early fall.

As a sweeter fruit, figs can be enjoyed in moderation on a low carb diet. They are often enjoyed with balsamic vinegars, fresh low carb cheese, and low carb crackers. While this fall fruits in season, they can also be grilled. Then, served them as a topping for dark green leafy low carb vegetable salads or along with a flavorful low carb meats like pork.

100 grams of Fig = 19 grams of carbs, 1 medium (2 1/4 in) fig is about 50 grams.

4. Grapes are an end of summer, early fall fruit.

These tasty little round globes come in a variety of eye-catching colors, but they are super-sweet and easy to over-eat! They are like eating candy! Therefore, decide ahead of time what you will eat them with on your low carb diet. Then, only get a small cluster of grapes.

100 grams of Grapes (about 1 cup) = 17 grams of carbs

5. Limes are fall fruits in season during the summer and fall in warm climate regions.

 Limes are a great smelling low carb tropical fruit. As a low carb fruit, limes can be enjoyed regularly on a low carb diet. They are acidic and tart by themselves, but make wonderful dressings for salads. And they add wonderful flavor to your low carb teas.

58 grams of Lime (1 small fruit) = 5 grams of carbs

6. Pears are fall fruits in season from mid-summer to winter.

They are sweet and tasty fruits with a variety of textures. Some can be quite soft, while other are really firm. Nevertheless, they all have similar tastes that can enhance the flavor of low carb drinks and low carb desserts. However, they are quite sweet, so keep your portions under control. Pair them with other really low carb snacks like cheese.

100 grams of Pears (1/2 medium pear) = 15 grams of carbs

7. Persimmons are fall fruits in season for a short while in fall and early winter.

Persimmon is one of those fall fruits in season that should be avoided on a low carb diet. Unless, you just absolutely cannot live without them. Since 100 grams of persimmon is well over 50 carbs, they are basically off limits. They vary greatly in size and shape, but if you can indulge yourself on just one or two tiny persimmons at a time, feel free to treat yourself.

1 Tiny Persimmon (about 1.0 oz.) = 8 grams of carbs

8. Pomegranate is an exotic fruit that only ripens in warmer climates.

Therefore, pomegranate is available from September to February in the northern hemisphere and from March to May in the southern hemisphere. Pomegranate is composed of all seeds. Then, each seed is surrounded by sacs of juice, better know as pulp. Pomegranate can only be enjoyed in moderation on a low carb diet because an entire pomegranate fruit is over 50 grams of carbs. Nevertheless – it has a wonderful “shelf-life.”

 100 grams of Pomegranate (about 1/3 a pomegranate) = 19 grams of carbs

9. Pumpkin is one of the most popular fall fruits in season.

Pumpkin is a low carb squash-like fruit. And fortunately, it can be enjoyed in moderation on a low carb diet. Therefore, it can be prepared as a healthy low carb side dish for meals. However, once it has been pureed to form popular pumpkin desserts, its carb content can increase greatly. To put it in perspective, half a cup of canned 100% pumpkin contains 10 grams of carbs. And pumpkin is not the sweetest tasting fruit. So, once you start adding things to give it a familiar sweet taste, the carb count is increased.

100 grams of Pumpkin (about 1 cup of raw 1′ cubes) = 8 grams of carbs


That’s all for now, but keep following the Low Carb Diet Life for more great fall ideas and recipes. This ends – 9 Delicious Fall Fruits in Season: Low Carb Diet Seasonal Food Guide

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