1850 Folgers Coffee Review

1850 Folgers Coffee Review

Since I was sent a unsolicited sample of this coffee, I decided to write a 1850 Folgers Coffee review for you all. As an active low carber, I enjoy a nice cup of coffee regularly. Therefore, I was excited to find this little treat in my mailbox.

Since low carb coffee drinks are allowed on a low carb diet, we are all good.

So, without further ado, I will start the 1850 Folgers Coffee Review by commenting on their packaging and branding. Next, I will describe the ground coffee bean. Then, I will give the 1850 Folgers coffee review based on the smell, quality, and taste. And finally, I will inform you about the different low carb coffee drink options.

Packaging & Branding

In my opinion, they somehow mastered the art of classy nostalgia.  The 1850 Folgers coffee package looks very streamline and professional. Yet, it has a nostalgic candy store feel to me. And as a result, they had me sold with the nice navy blue packaging, gold accents, and the bold nostalgic-looking “1850” prominently displayed on the front of the package.

The Ground Bean

The “Trailblazer” coffee is a steel-cut coffee bean. It is composed of 100% Arabica Coffee bean that has been fire-roasted and richly caramelized. This smooth blend of coffee is medium-dark in color with a roast that claims to have nutty caramel notes. The coffee is finely ground to nearly a powder-like consistency for maximum brew. So, the coffee grounds are lightweight. Therefore, when using a traditional coffee pot, do not overfill the coffee holder. Otherwise, you may end up with coffee ground floaties in your drink.

The Smell, Quality, & Taste

As the 1850 Folgers coffee brews, the smell makes you feel as if you are waiting in a professional coffee house.  Therefore, this medium dark roasted coffee is strong and eye-opening. Even though I seemed to have made a weak brew, the taste was still richer than an average cup of Folger’s coffee. Yet, once I added the same amount of creamers and coconut milk that I typically use, I still had a nice bold coffee-house quality cup of coffee.

Therefore, this coffee bean is pretty robust and strong. Once I personalized my cup of coffee, the taste was very good – comparable to Starbuck’s – but less bitter.

If I had brewed it with less water, I could have made an expresso-like cup of coffee. So, if you like a nice strong cup of coffee this may be the coffee for you. If you prefer to drink a “tea-like” quality cup of coffee, this is probably not the coffee for you. As it might raise your heart-rate a bit.

Low Carb Drink Options

This completes my 1850 Folgers Coffee review. You can purchase the coffee online or at the local grocery store. I will share some of your online purchase options below. Their iced coffee drinks are not low carb at all. However, their ground coffees are fair game on a low carb diet.

They offer a variety of different low carb coffee flavors in the K-cup including the Trailblazer, Black Gold, Pioneer Blend, and Lantern Glow. I sampled and reviewed the Trailblazer coffee, but you can get a Variety Pack if you would like to try them all. They also provide a 1850 Folgers Variety Pack of bagged ground coffee.

That’s all for now! If you try one of them, come back and write your own 1850 Folgers Coffee review for everyone to read.

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