Chocolove Review

Chocolove Review

Being a low carb diet website, this is a Chocolove review of their 70% Dark Chocolate low carb candy bar. For the newbies, low carb dark chocolate provides many health benefits. Therefore, why not include some in your diet – right?

Well, this Chocolove review may be what you are looking for – it’s Non-GMO Project verified.

Strong Dark Chocolate (70% Cocoa)

As a strong dark Belgian chocolate, this candy bar has some nutritional value. You can eat the entire bar or half the bar for better carb control. For the purpose of being on a low carb diet, half the bar is 8g Fat, 0mg Sodium, 0mg Cholesterol, 8.5g Carbohydrates, 1.5g Protein, and only 100 calories.

The Package

I will start the Chocolove review by saying that the cute packaging had me sold. As a person that enjoys culture, food, and travel, this little mini-stamped package caught my eye. Then, the cursive gold script on black packaging adds an elegant touch. And lastly, the “XoXoX” adds the final touch to their packaging and branding.

The Smell

Like coffee, dark chocolate has a pleasant unmistakable aroma. So, the smell invites you to “taste and see that it is good.” In fact, it invited me to taste and see that it also makes a nice hot chocolate!

The Flavor

As a solid bar of low carb chocolate, the flavor is that of bittersweet dark chocolate. Unsweetened chocolate is similar in taste to unsweetened coffee. So, think black coffee with a little sugar.

The Taste

This candy bar is not like the Lily’s Chocolate, it does have some added sugar. Therefore, it tastes less bitter and a little sweeter. Nevertheless, if you are new to eating dark chocolate, it is still a somewhat bitter tasting bar of chocolate. It is only mildly sweeter tasting and less bitter than the no added sugar Lily’s Dark Chocolate Bar review that I posted earlier. However, the added sugar is less healthy for us to eat.

Where to buy Chocolove bars? 

If you are wondering where to buy Chocolove bars, you can purchase them online. I found my chocolove bar a local health food store across town for about triple the cost that I can get them online. So, for me, online is where to buy the Chocolove bars.


This concludes my Chocolove review for the Low Carb Diet Life.

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