Lily’s Chocolate Review

Lily’s Chocolate Review

So this is my first Lily’s chocolate review. For those of you that do not already know, Lily’s is a company that makes stevia sweetened chocolate. Therefore, their chocolates are low carb when compared with other high carb chocolate makers. As you have already learned, there are many dark chocolate health benefits. So, if the idea of eating a healthy chocolate is exciting to you, you will enjoy this Lily’s Chocolate review.

As a low carb foodie, I have developed a taste for dark chocolate. However, before switching to a low carb diet lifestyle, I preferred a delicious and sweet milk chocolate. Therefore, if you are new to being on a low carb diet, I am not going to fool you with this Lily’s chocolate review. Dark chocolate is bitter – almost as bitter as a cup of black coffee.

However, the darker the chocolate, the healthier it can be for you. So, the dark unsweetened chocolate is low carb.

70% Dark Chocolate – Salted Almond Bar

First, I have to admit that I ate this entire bar (over a few days) before doing my usual blog review photo-session. Therefore, you are staring at an empty package of the Lily’s 70% Dark Chocolate – Salted Almond Bar. It tastes nothing like a milk chocolate  bar, but there is something intriguing and seemingly healthy about this low carb chocolate bar.

Second, it made me feel really good when I ate it. However, I cannot give all the credit to the brand itself because this is one of the known health benefits of chocolate. But, I can give them credit for excellent packaging and the combination of flavors, tastes, and textures.

The Package

Lily’s chocolate packages are very artfully designed. Therefore, before you even indulge in the chocolate, you feel like you are in for a real treat. Her wrappings remind me of little mini-Van Gogh like designs. As a graphic designer, I am impressed with her artful branding.

The Smell

So, I opened the package and the smell of dark chocolate becomes much more apparent. Again, dark chocolate is similar to a cup of coffee before adding lots of creamer. Therefore, it is a bittersweet aroma that tempts you to taste the low carb chocolate bar.

The Flavor

Fortunately, the aroma does not misguide you. It mentally prepares you for the flavor. And as a result, I was not shocked by the delicious bittersweet low carb chocolate.  Just think cocoa flavored black coffee and you will be in for a real healthy treat – seriously.

The Taste & Texture

Besides the bittersweet, cocoa-flavored coffee taste, the bar I am reviewing had sea salt and almonds. The large sea salt pieces were a unexpected surprise, but overall I thought the taste came together well with the dark chocolate and chunks of almond.


So, this concludes my Lily’s Chocolate review of the Lily’s 70% Dark Chocolate – Salted Almond Bar. As mentioned in the Low Carb Chocolate Bars post, she also makes a couple other 70% dark chocolate bars. So, please stay-tuned for another Lily’s Chocolate review.

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