Low Carb Tea Drinks

Low Carb Tea Drinks

Most low carb tea drinks are a combination of dried leaves, fruits, flowers, spices, or herbs of some sort. However, there are basically only four types of tea leaves. Let’s get to the different flavored low carb tea drinks!

White Teas by The Republic of Tea

Asian Jasmine

 Ginger Peach

 Silver Rain

 Cucumber Mint  Orange Blossom

Pineapple Guava

Green Teas by The Republic of Tea

 Organic Chai

 Orange Spice  Tea of Inquiry
 Organic Turmeric Ginger  Organic Pomegranate Green Superfruit

 Blueberry Green Superfruit

Oolong Teas by The Republic of Tea

Milk Oolong (Full- Leaf) Wuyi Oolong (Full-Leaf)

Black Teas by The Republic of Tea

Wild Blueberry  Ginger Peach Blackberry Sage
First Flush Darjeeling Frost  Rose Petal

Hibiscus Teas by The Republic of Tea

 Hibiscus Watermelon Superflower  Pineapple Lychee Hibiscus Raspberry Rose Hibiscus
Biodynamic Hibiscus Hibiscus Blueberry Natural Hibiscus

Herbal Teas by The Republic of Tea

 Organic Dandelion Superherb

 Biodynamic Turmeric Cinnamon

Get Happy
Get Relaxed  Get Clean  Get Gorgeous

With so many dark chocolate health benefits available, I decided to include this Chocolate “Tea” Assortment with this low carb tea drinks list.

On-The Go Drink Mix Teas

Aside from a plain lemon “tea” (lemonade), I am still developing a taste for the cold kinds of teas. However, I have stumbled across quite a few types of tea while online researching low carb drinks. Therefore, I will get right to this cold low carb tea drinks list for all of you cold tea drinkers. Many of you can probably find these at your local grocery store.

Crystal Light makes a Raspberry Green Tea, Peach Mango Green TeaPeach Iced Tea, and Lemon Iced Tea. They provide all four in this variety pack. This brand is sugar-free, however they use an artificial sweetener to give it more taste.

True Lemon also makes a couple of iced teas including a Raspberry Iced Tea, Lemon Iced Tea, and Peach Iced Tea. This brand is an all natural flavors and colors. So, they do not use artificial sweeteners. Instead, they sweeten their drinks with a hint of sugar and stevia leaf extract.

Cold Unsweetened Bottled Teas

Teas’ Tea provides an USDA organic line of uniquely flavored unsweetened teas. Their teas contain zero calories, zero sugars, and no artificial sweetener. Like most teas, they are high in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

 Unsweetened Pure Green Tea

 Unsweetened Jasmine Green Tea  Unsweetened Mint Green Tea
 Unsweetened Rose Green Tea  Unsweetened Herbal Chamomile Tea

 Unsweetened Organic Black Tea

Unsweetened Lemongrass Green Tea Unsweetened Organic Mandarin-Orange Green White Tea Unsweetened Organic Pure and Smooth Green Tea
Unsweetened Green White Tea  

You can enjoy Teas Tea low carb tea drinks straight from the bottle. Otherwise, you can enjoy them with a fresh squeezed lemon or lime. As an alternative, you can add one of the True Lemon Flavor packets (Lime, Lemon, Orange, or Grapefruit to customize the taste.


During the cooler months be sure to check out some of our low carb tea recipes. Most are designed to keep you warm even after you have finished the drink! That’s all for now. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about any of the low carb tea drinks.

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