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10 Low Carb Lifestyle Tips

You can easily stay on a low carb diet with these simple low carb lifestyle tips. As a single person, the following low carb lifestyle tips may be easier for you than others because -for the most part – you only have yourself to consider. However, I have seen entire families successfully switch to a low carb lifestyle.

Without further ado…lets get started!

1. Learn What You Can Eat.

First of all, start learning which low carb foods you CAN eat! Once you learn what to avoid and what to eat, you can start adjusting your diet. If you have been eating a high carb diet your entire life, you will feel better if you do not make any extreme changes to your diet. Instead, you can make small changes. In this way, your body will have time to adapt and you will feel a whole lot better in the short run. As you learn some of the health benefits of being on a low carb diet, you may get some extra motivation to stick with it.

2. Make Small Changes.

I will again state – it is best not to abruptly change your current diet to a low carb diet! This is especially true if you currently eat a rather unhealthy high carb diet. Make small  consistent changes at first. In this way, it gives your body time to adjust to trying new low carb food and drinks. I suggest that you start by evaluating the number of carbs (carbohydrates) in your drinks. You may be surprised to discover that most drinks are very high in carbohydrates! If this is true for you, simply switching to low carb drinks can easily help you shed some pounds. In addition, it will motivate you to keep going because you will see that a low carb diet really does work!

3. Stay Well-Hydrated.

Drinking low carb water is essential for keeping our electrolytes balanced and regulating our body temperature. However, with regards to weight loss, we are often not hungry, we are just thirsty. So, stay hydrated as much as possible. However, do not over do it! According to PBS, instead of following the  “drink eight glasses of water a day” rule it is now recommended that we drink half of our body weight in ounces of water.

So, if you weigh 200 lbs, it is recommended that you drink 100 oz. of water each day. However, you should use your own judgement since other unknown health-related factors can be involved.

4. Be Consistent.

Once you have adjusted to drinking low carb beverages, start reducing your carbohydrate consumption in another area. For example, lets assume that you enjoy eating hamburgers and French fries. Instead of eating both the hamburger and the French fries, only eat the hamburger. As you make more progress, you can then start eating an “open-faced” hamburger with only one side of the bun. With time, your body will adjust and you will be able to live without the bun altogether. Then, you will be ready to try this tasty bunless low carb burger recipe.

Another option is to work on making one of your meals with low carb recipes. For example, you can eat what you would normally eat for breakfast and lunch and then eat a low carb dinner before going to bed.

5. Keep Making Progress.

After you get use to eating fewer carbs, calculate your daily calorie needs to see where and how you can reduce your carbs further. Assuming that you are on a low carb diet for weight loss, you can continue reducing carbs slowly until you reach your ideal weight.  For example, if you enjoy eating “grandma’s chili” with a huge bowl of rice every week, start reducing the amount of rice you would normally eat. Eventually, you will not miss having the rice at all.

6. Prepare Meals At Home.

These low carb lifestyle tips will help you adjust to learning what is a low carb diet. While you are adjusting, another recommendation is to start preparing meals at home. In this way, you can  read nutrition labels and learn about counting macros. In this way, you can avoid some surprises when you are dining out.

7. Pack A Lunch.

The fewer decisions you have to make when you are hungry, busy, or distracted – the better off you will be. Therefore, I rarely leave home without a bottle of water and at least a few low carb snacks. In my earlier days of being on a low carb diet, I would keep my purse loaded with one low carb snack or another. Lately, however, I have been carrying a bag of pork rinds with me. Otherwise, I simply carry a healthy variety of low carb nuts.

8. Stay Full.

Many years ago, before discovering the benefits of being on a low carb diet, I tried many diets! I usually lost some weight, but I would always seem to be hungry! So, as soon as I quit the diet I would overeat again. In my experience, the beauty of being on a low carb diet is that you can eat until you are full. When I am being really strict with my diet for the health benefits, I have actually gotten tired of chewing the food I could eat.

9. Learn “The Menu”.

At one time, I was too busy to even grocery shop. So, I had to dine out and eat the occasional fast food. However, I was still able to accomplish staying on a low carb diet because I had already learned the few things I could eat off the different fast food menus. When going out to eat at a new restaurant, I simply pull up their online menu ahead of time to see what I can actually eat. In this way, I already know what to order before the smell or sight of carbohydrates had a chance to tempt me.

10. Eat Before You Go.

Dining out is a fun way to enjoy time with family and friends. However, when the aromas hit you in the nose as you enter the door it can be really hard not to eat up a bunch of carbs when you arrive really hungry! Once the menu arrives and the appetizers start showing up it’s game over when you are hungry! Therefore, I have found that eating a really small meal or a large snack before going out to eat helps me maintain my self-control much more easily. You can always bring any leftovers home. In addition, not being super-hungry when you arrive will also help you actually order that low carb meal that you have hopefully already decided on. After smelling all the good food and passing on all the high-carb appetizers, I am usually quite ready to eat my healthy low carb meal when it arrives.


These are some of my current low carb lifestyle tips! With regards to the body needing energy, carbohydrates are a premium fuel. Therefore, a little can go a long way. Remember that any excess carbs consumed are converted and stored in the body as fat! So, eating fewer carbs will cause your body to tap into your body’s “fat” reserves for needed energy. In this way, you lose weight on a low carb diet. Keep in mind that once you are in ketosis on a keto diet, cheating will knock you out of ketosis. You may also enjoy reading  8 Low Carb Diet Tips to Get Started! This concludes my low carb lifestyle tips, but you are invited to leave your thoughts or comments below.

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