Low Carb Bulletproof Coffee Recipe


Low Carb Bulletproof Coffee Recipe

If you are wondering how to make bullet proof coffee, this is a simple low carb bulletproof coffee recipe. I have been drinking my own version of low carb “bulletproof” coffee for years! Therefore, with regard to mental and physical energy, I know that it does kick your coffee up a notch.

How to Make Bulletproof Coffee

Learning how to make bulletproof coffee is easy. The main ingredients found in the Original Bulletproof Low Carb coffee drink is coffee, liquid coconut oil, and grass-fed butter. Therefore, to make the original low carb bulletproof coffee recipe you will need coconut oil, ghee butter, and coffee.

However, since coconut oil is a natural fuel for the brain, I prefer to use it without the butter, but this recipe incorporates the butter to provide a yummy smooth coffee drink. In addition, I use Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil with an unsweetened almond milk and sugar-free syrup. So, keep reading to see how to make bulletproof coffee.

Low Carb Bullet Proof Coffee Recipe


1 c. The Original Bulletproof Ground Coffee or K-Cups

1/2 c. Unsweetened Almond Milk (I like this kind.)

1 Tsp. Unsalted Ghee Butter ( I used this one.)

1 Tsp. Organic Unrefined Coconut Oil (I use this kind.)

1 – 2 Tsp. Sugar-Free Salted Caramel, Vanilla, or  Hazelnut Coffee Syrup (Optional)


  1. Brew a cup of Bulletproof Ground Coffee using a brew method of your choice.
  2. Pour one cup of warm brewed coffee in a small pot.
  3. Add the butter and coconut oil.
  4. Place pot on stove using medium high heat.
  5. Add unsweetened almond milk and  the sugar-free syrup of your choice (optional).
  6. Stir until all ingredients are combined bringing the mixture to a slight boil,
  7. Remove from heat.
  8. Pour in your favorite cup.
  9. Let cool or enjoy hot.


I hope that you enjoyed learning how to make bulletproof coffee! You will notice a difference in your level of energy and mental alertness. You may discover that this low carb coffee recipe is an excellent Fall and Winter drink.  However, I typically enjoy this simple low carb bulletproof coffee recipe multiple times per week if not everyday.

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