Low Carb Seafood

Low Carb Seafood

After reading this low carb seafood post, you will no longer have to ask is seafood low carb. As with most low carb diet foods, it is still good to keep a variety of low carb seafood and low carb meats in your diet. A serving of seafood or meat is usually about 3 ounces.

Even though you are on a low carb diet, balance is still key. The truth is that most people eat way more carbohydrates than their body actually need for energy. Therefore, the excess “energy” (carbs) gets converted and stored as fat. So, when you start a low carb diet, you are actually balancing the number of carbs consumed and used by your body.

With that said, while most low carb seafoods are low in fat and high in protein, they contain a significant amount of cholesterol. Some cholesterol is needed in the body for hormone production, cell membranes, fat-soluble vitamins, and the gallbladder to help digest certain foods. Therefore, the cholesterol found in various low carb seafood is not a bad thing.

The National Cholesterol Education Program recommends that most people should eat less than 200mg per day. However, if your LDLs (blood cholesterols) are high, you should adhere to the amount of cholesterol recommended by your physician. Research shows that the liver actually produces all the cholesterol that the body needs. However, research also indicates that it is harmful saturated fats and trans fats that causes a person to have high cholesterol and heart disease.

Therefore, you should keep the amount of cholesterol in mind. Fruits, vegetables, and nuts do not contain cholesterol unless you add it during preparation. So, these are excellent choices for people with high cholesterol or high blood pressure concerns.

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There is an entire ocean of different sea foods, so this list is by no means comprehensive. However, it includes some of the most popular low carb seafood.


Salmon is a general term used for a variety of different fish including sockeye, pink, coho, cherry, chum, and Atlantic salmon. Nevertheless, most salmon is known for being one of the most healthy fish to eat. In addition to being a low carb seafood, it is high in protein, and healthy omega-3 fatty acids. The protein contains amino acids to help build and repair muscle and tissue. While the high level of omega-3 fatty acids improve cardiovascular (heart) and neurological (brain) health.

3 oz. Atlantic Salmon (Raw) = 11.4g Fat, 0g Carbohydrates, 17.4g Proteins


Tilapia is a fish that is super easy to cook and enjoy. Plus it is a low carb seafood that is low in fat and high in protein. Therefore, it is a great fish to eat on a low carb diet. However, tilapia is even more ideal for a low carb low fat diet plan. It also contains an impressive array of vitamins and minerals.

About 3.5 oz. Tilapia = 2.7g Fat, 0g Carbohydrates, 26.1g Proteins

Wild-Caught Pacific Halibut

Halibut is becoming a popular low carb seafood. The wild-caught halibut from the pacific is considered to be the healthiest to eat. It is a large nutrient rich fish with a mild taste and firm texture. In addition, it too is low in fat and high in protein. Therefore, it is an ideal fish for a low carb low fat diet.

About 3.5 oz. Halibut = 1.3g Fat, 0g Carbohydrates, 18.6g Proteins


This low carb seafood is really easy to prepare. It contains very little fat and saturated fat. However, it has healthy long-chain omega-3 fatty acids. Shrimp remains a low carb, low fat seafood when it is baked, grilled, or broiled in a healthy manner. However, many consume shrimp as a main dish, as a side dish, or on a variety of salads.

About 3.5 oz. Shrimp = 0.5g Fat, 0g Carbohydrates, 20.1g Proteins


Crawfish is another low carb shellfish when not fried. It is typically best when in season. Crawfish are low in fat and high in protein. In addition, crawfish contain a variety of vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium,  iron, and zinc. I personally enjoy shelled crawfish meat salads.

About 3.5 oz. Crawfish = 2.4g Fat, 0g Carbohydrates, 17.9g Proteins


Scallops are one of my favorite low carb seafoods. They can be prepare to have a nice savory flavor. However, as a relatively active person, scallops do not keep me full for long because they are low in fat. Therefore, scallops are a great choice for those of you on a low carb, low fat diet plan.

About 3.5 oz. Scallops  = 0.5g Fat, 3.2g Carbohydrates, 12.1g Proteins


Crabs provide a delicious low carb meat! However, be careful to avoid the fake or imitation crab meats because most are simply crab flavored pasta. Therefore, imitation crab meats are high carb. Real crab meat contain many essential nutrients, fats, and minerals that the body needs. To mention a few, crabs contain phosphorus, selenium, omega-3 fatty acids, copper, and vitamins B. This is another excellent low carb seafood option for low carb low fat dieters.

About 3.5 oz. Crabs = 0g Fat, 1.8g Carbohydrates, 17.9g Proteins


Oysters are a low carb seafood that is low in fat. However, a serving of oysters provide about the same amount of carbs and proteins. Therefore, with regard to being on a low carb diet, there are better low carb seafood options available. Nevertheless, oysters are rich in zinc, selenium, iron, and vitamins including C and B12.

About 3.5 oz. Oysters = 1.6g Fat, 5.5g Carbohydrates, 5.2g Proteins


As with most other seafood, lobster is a healthy source of protein, vitamins and minerals when eaten in moderation. However, a relatively small serving size contains about 70 percent of the daily cholesterol recommendation. In addition, it contains about 30 percent of your daily sodium intake. Interestingly, however, lobster contains no carbs! Therefore, lobster should be consumed wisely according to your personal dietary needs.

About 3.5 oz. Lobster = 1.4g Fat, 0g Carbohydrates, 20g Proteins

Calamari, Squid

Calamari is a very unique low carb seafood. While it is contains beneficial vitamins and minerals, it is actually high in saturated fat, sodium, and cholesterol. In addition, cooked calamari is chewy, but firm in texture with a slightly sweet taste. Calamari is a low carb seafood option for a low carb, high fat diet. However, it should probably not be your “go-to” dish.

About 3.5 oz. Tilapia = 9.8g Fat, 4.9g Carbohydrates, 9.8g Proteins


Tuna is probably one of the most popular low carb seafood items purchased. This is because they come in convenient to-go pouches and cans for easy low carb meal prep. However, fish is also full of essential nutrients such as beneficial omega-3 fatty acids, potassium, iron, magnesium and vitamins. Tuna is excellent for low carb, low fat diet plans.

About 3.5 oz. Tilapia = 0.5g Fat, 0g Carbohydrates, 24.4g Proteins


Conch is a popular seafood dish in the Bahamas. It has a mild seafood taste with a firm texture like that of clams or calamari. Conch is a low carb seafood that is high in  protein and other essential vitamins and minerals. It contains folate, iron, potassium, vitamin E, and vitamin B12.

About 3.5 oz. Conch = 1.2g Fat, 1.7g Carbohydrates, 26.3g Proteins

Thanks for reading! Stay-tuned for some low carb seafood recipes.

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