Low Carb Iced Coffee Recipe


Low Carb Iced Coffee Recipe

If you live in a warm climate, you may really enjoy this low carb iced coffee recipe. For many years, I drank hot coffee during the summer, winter, spring, and fall months. However, it was not until I lived in Grenada that I was introduced to the concept of drinking iced coffee.

Being a small island, most people walk or catch the bus to and from different places. So, I decided to act local.

The island is also very mountainous. Interestingly, however, the locals call a 45-60 degree walkway or street a “hill”. Well, just before one of these “hills”, there is a little eatery I happened to stop by one day for a cup of coffee. Being new to the island, I order a coffee and was then puzzled when she asked me if I wanted my coffee hot or cold. Being a newbie, I thought this was a weird question, so unfortunately, I ended up ordering hot coffee.

Well, after walking up that “hill” in the blistering heat carry bags, I was no longer puzzled by her asking me if I wanted my coffee “hot” or “cold?!” In the states, I typically ordered a hot coffee, rolled up the window to my car, and turned up the A/C a notch to make it cooler. You can only imagine how hot and sweaty I was after drinking that hot coffee while walking up a 60 degree hill in the heat. Needless to say, I ordered cold black coffee from then on.

Since the summer heat is brewing up quite nicely here in Southeast Texas, I decided to share a low carb iced coffee recipe with you. Fortunately, there are some nice low carb coffee creamers and syrups that can be used in this low carb iced coffee recipe.


1 Cup Almond Milk

11/2 Cup of Coffee (I like this one.)

1 Tsp. Sugar-Free Vanilla Coffee Syrup (or 1 Tsp. Madagascar Vanilla Extract)

1/4 Tsp. Cinnamon ( I used this one.)

Ice Tray ( I used one like this.)


  1. Brew a small strong pot of hot coffee. You want the coffee to be a bit stronger than usual because you will use only a few cubes to add coffee to the milk mixture.
  2. Remove the coffee from heat and allow it to cool until about room temperature.
  3. Next, pour the coffee into an ice cube mold or tray of your choice. Place in the freezer and allow the coffee to freeze.
  4. Once the coffee ice is ready, add almond milk to a medium microwaveable cup.
  5. Warm almond milk long enough to remove the chill (about 1 minute).
  6. Add vanilla syrup or extract and organic powdered cinnamon.
  7. Stir well until cinnamon is well blended. Warm milk a bit more if needed to remove any cinnamon clumps.
  8. When ready, remove ice cubes from tray. And then add 3 -4 ice cubes (depending on size) to the almond milk mixture.
  9. Stir until you reach the desired coffee flavor. Once the desired flavor has been achieved, you can add more syrup or milk to adjust flavor.


You may have to experiment a bit with this low carb iced coffee recipe until you achieve the best taste for you. However, the basic idea is to make the initial pot of coffee strong enough to add enough coffee flavor to your low carb iced coffee recipe.


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