are pork rinds low carb

Are Pork Rinds Low Carb?

Are pork rinds low carb? Yep! Unlike other crunchy snacks like pretzels, corn chips, popcorn, and potato chips, pork rinds are low carb. In fact, pork rinds are not just low carb, most are actually no carb!

Pork rinds are about 70 percent protein! So, high protein, low carb diet eaters can eat up.

Since pork rinds are actually no carb, the other 30 percent is fat. Therefore, pork rinds are also a good snack for low carb, high fat dieters as well. However, remember that pork rinds do not provide the healthy fats that you can get from low carb nuts.

Pork rinds are a relatively recent low carb diet food that I have introduced into my diet. Therefore, I am excited to share some of my personal pork rinds details and discoveries with you.

Details & Discoveries

Shortly after discovering that pork rinds are low carb, I went out and purchased a small bag of “original” and “hot” pork rinds. Initially, I was so excited to be eating a low carb chip that I did not notice how dry that particular brand is. However, after eating the second and third bag of the original flavored pork rinds, I was on a mission to find a better brand.

Well, let’s just say mission accomplished times three!

I not only found a better brand, but I also discovered a better option! I discovered warm, fresh, and delicious low carb microwave pork rinks! They are so much better than the other brand I had been eating. These low carb pork rinks are light and airy and easy to swallow without needing a glass of water.

Lowrey’s Bacon Curls, Microwave Pork Rinds Combo

In addition, I discovered that this “Hot & Spicy” flavored microwaveable pork rinds brand is not made with the seemingly popular pork rinds yeast ingredient. Most of the bagged and ready to eat “Hot” and “BBQ” flavored pork rinds have torula yeast as an ingredient. This yeast is a no-no for candida sufferers.

However, I found that “original” flavored pork rinds typically only have salt added. You may be thinking, so what? However, this is an important detail for anyone on a low carb diet to improve gut health. So, if you have candida yeast overgrowth and or leaky gut syndrome, check the ingredients before you start munching away on pork rinds.

–In theory, pork rinds should be a healthy snack for someone with a candida yeast overgrowth because animal skin has collagen that can help restore a leaky gut.–

Also, everyone should keep in mind that pork rinds are sodium rich, so be modest and balance your snacks and meals accordingly. Give them a try and let me know what you think of the low carb pork rinds! Please follow this blog for additional low carb snack ideas. This completes the answer for the question: Are Pork Rinds Low Carb?

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