Low Carb Mexican Salad

Low Carb Mexican Salad

A low carb Mexican salad is a real treat for anyone that likes Mexican foods. However, it is a relatively basic salad that anyone can enjoy. So, lets jump right to the ingredients and preparations.

Serving Size: 2 – 3 servings

Prep Time: 20 – 30 minutes


1 Head of Iceberg Lettuce

1 Bunch of Cilantro

2 – 3 Green Onions

2 Roma Tomatoes

2-3 Small Ripe Avocados

1 Fresh Jalapeno (optional)

1-2 Fresh Limes or Ranch Dressing ( I like this one)

1 Small Bag of Shredded Mexican Cheese

1 Sour Cream (Fat-Free, Low Fat, or Full Fat depending on your type of low carb diet)

1 lb Lean Ground Beef

1 Taco Seasoning Mix (optional)


  1. This recipe follows what I call my basic salad blend. So, you can start by cutting the lettuce into bite sized cubes. Next, chop the entire bunch of cilantro. And lastly, slice 3 green onions to complete my basic salad blend.
  2. Mix and then place the salad blend in a large storage container and set aside.
  3. Dice the roma tomatoes into small cubes. Cut the avocado in half and then slice into cubes after removing skin. Mince enough of the jalapeno to fit your taste. Set the diced tomato, cubed avocado, and minced jalapeno aside.
  4. Next, prepare the thawed ground beef over medium-high heat until all meat is browned and cooked thoroughly. Season according to your taste with TexJoy Seasoning or Mexican Taco Seasoning Mix.
  5. With clean hands, grab about 2 – 3 large handfuls of the salad blend and place it in the center of a large plate.
  6. Using a spoon or measuring cup, scoop about one cup full of warm cooked ground beef on top of the salad blend.
  7. Sprinkle Mexican Cheese over the warm ground beef.
  8. Next, add the pieces of tomatoes, avocados, and jalapenos.
  9. And finally, you can add sour cream to the top of your Low Carb Mexican Salad.
  10. See below to add the dressing of your choice.

The Dressing

For an authentic Low Carb Mexican Salad, squeeze fresh lime juice with a little sea salt over the salad to make a dressing. However, I prefer a TexMex low carb salad dressing with regular old ranch dressing.

You can view other Low Carb Mexican Food Recipes on the blog. However, this completes the request for a Low Carb Mexican Salad recipe.


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