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Are Eggs Low Carb?

Are eggs low carb? In short, yes, eggs are low carb. Researching low carb foods is a great way to prepare for a low carb diet.

Overall, eggs are a good source of protein, vitamins, and minerals. Both the egg whites and the egg yolks are rich in nutrients. However, the health benefits of eggs should be discussed in two parts including the egg white and the egg yolk.

Nutrition Facts

One large egg white has about 4g of protein, which is the majority of an eggs protein. In addition, the egg whites have no fats, no carbs, and no cholesterols.

On the other hand, one large chicken egg yolk contains about 185 mg cholesterol, 5g fat, and 1.5g saturated fat. The recommended daily intake of cholesterol is less than 200mg a day. However, there is still some debate about cholesterol consumption causing high cholesterol in humans. In fact, the yolk also contain the fat-soluble vitamins, essential fatty acids, and minerals.

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1 Large Egg (50g) = 4.5g Fat, 0.5g Carbs, 6.5g Protein

However, now that you know that eggs are low carb, what about the other stuff?!

The Other Stuff

Eggs are not all the same. In fact, you can learn quite a bit more about choosing your eggs based on their size and type.


The size of an egg lets you know the relative age of the chicken that produced the egg. To explain, new mothers lay small chicken eggs. As the mother grows, the size of her eggs will get larger. Therefore, small chicken eggs are from younger and smaller chickens. While large chicken eggs are provided by mature chickens.


So, eggs are low carb, but the chicken’s diet plays a role in the nutrition of the eggs produced and eventually consumed by us. For example, you can purchase organic eggs, cage-free eggs, and vitamin-enriched eggs.

An organic egg is a egg that has been produced by a chicken that is fed an organic diet. A cage-free egg is an egg that has been produced by a chicken that is allowed to roam around. So, instead of the chicken being stressed and caged, it is allowed to roam free and enjoy life a bit. And lastly, a vitamin-enriched egg is an egg that has been produced by a chicken that is being fed a vitamin-enriched diet of some sort. For example, an omega-3 egg is an egg from a chicken that has been fed a diet with more healthy omega-3 fatty acids.


So, are eggs low carb? Yes. But with a little research, you will discover that we too become what we eat. When we eat healthy foods, we become healthier people. Therefore, when we eat a balanced low carb diet, we can become healthier people. Try this low carb spicy deviled eggs recipe.

This concludes – Are Eggs Low Carb?

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