Low Carb Fruits List

Low Carb Fruits List

Producing a genuine low carb fruits list is a challenge because fruits are essentially like natures candy! Nevertheless, it can be done. A fruit is anything with seeds in the middle. While vegetables are the roots, leaves, and stems of a plant. So, the truth is that many of the low carb fruits are things that we consider to be vegetables! So, unlike the low carb vegetables list, this is a real low carb fruits list. The first four fruits on the list are the official keto approved fruits.

1. Strawberries

Strawberries are uniquely shaped red fruits. In fact, the tiny seeds are located on the outside of the fruit like a cashew apple. However, you can easily chew and eat strawberry seeds. The texture is soft like that of a peach or a nectarine. I enjoy eating fresh strawberries straight from the container. However, they are an excellent ingredient for smoothies. Strawberries are also great toppers for salads, dressings, and yogurts.

[50g of Strawberry = 4 carbs]

Low Carb Fruits List

2. Blackberries

The blackberry fruit is described as a clumpberry. This is because each berry is like a little miniature cluster of grapes. Interestingly, the taste is described as a cross between a green grape and a purple grape. They are filled with tiny relatively hard seeds. Therefore, be prepared to chew carefully. They are small enough to just swallow once you have enjoyed the juice of the blackberry. The blackberry can be enjoyed as a topping for salads, yogurts, and cheese.

[50g of Blackberry = 5 carbs]

Low Carb Fruits List

3. Raspberries

Raspberries are a cluster berry with a reddish-pink color. Theses berries are sweet and seedy. You can enjoy these low carb fruits all by themselves. However, they can also be used as a topping for low carb plain Greek yogurt or made into a raspberry vinaigrette salad dressing. Raspberries are very similar to blackberries is look, feel, and taste. However, the raspberry fruit is a bit sweeter than blackberries.

[50g of Raspberry = 6 carbs]

4. Blueberries

Blueberries are small round dark purple-looking berries. However, the inside of a blueberry is clearer like the inside of a grape. Although, unlike a grape, once moisture hits the skin, the name “blue” berry becomes much more apparent. Blueberries are sweet and tart in taste with seeds that are not noticeable when eaten.

They are delicious all by themselves. However, they are easy to over-indulge in when you are counting carbs. Nevertheless, you can enjoy about a palm full of blueberries (about one-third a cup). In this way, it can stay on your low carb fruits list. Fruits are natures candy, so portion control is the only way to keep enjoying fruits with a low carb diet life.

[50g of Blueberries = 7 carbs]

5. Cherries

Fresh cherries are another delicious low carb fruit. Some types of cherries are lower in carbs than others. Therefore, some of these cherries can compete well with the official keto “-berry” fruits. Moderation is essential to keeping any fruit low carb. So, the relatively large seed and stem can help slow down your snacking.

[50g of Cherries = 6 carbs]

6. Kiwifruits

The kiwifruit is a tasty green seeded fruit. To me, the taste of the inside of a kiwifruit reminds me of a fancy green strawberry. However, if you have eaten dragon fruit, they are more comparable in taste and texture. All three are delicious to eat alone or combined with other low carb fruits. I personally enjoy eating them with a spoon. I cut a firm kiwi in half and then scoop a spoonful out at a time. In my experience, it is the best way to enjoy a kiwi without the skin. Otherwise, a kiwi can be quite messy to prepare and eat. Another option is to blend it with other low carb fruits to make a low carb smoothie.

 [50g of Kiwi = 7.5 carbs. One kiwifruit is about 69g = 10 carbs]

7. Watermelon

Is watermelon low carb? Watermelon is one of nature’s more refreshing fruits. But, is watermelon low carb? It has a relatively low carb content when compared with other high carb fruits like bananas, pineapples, and mangos. However, watermelons are large fruits. Therefore, with portion control, watermelon can be one of your low carb fruits to enjoy.

The watermelon carb count is 4g of carbs per 50-grams of watermelon. This amounts to less than one-half cup of watermelon. Which is about the size of a handheld fruit. Therefore, self-control is the key to it being a low carb fruit. To help control your watermelon carb count, try making watermelon low carb gummies.

[50g of Watermelon = 4 carbs]

8. Lemons

Lemons are one of my favorite ingredients to add to any low carb smoothie. Sometimes drinking low carb smoothies can have a detox effect on your body. Therefore, later, you may feel as if you are getting sluggish and sick. However, the feeling is from your body trying to breakdown and remove the yucky stuff from your body. Fortunately, vitamin C is an excellent way to counteract this feeling. Because of this, I add at least half a lemon with the seeds and skin to blend with my low carb smoothies.

Lemon juice is a main ingredient for making a lemon-ginger marinade for salmon. It is also my “go to” flavor for making different fruity low carb teas.

[50g of Lemons = 4.5 carbs]

9. Limes

To me, limes are lemon’s cousin. However, limes are slightly sweeter with a whole lot less vitamin C. Nevertheless, do not leave these tasty low carb fruits at the store. A lime does have a pleasantly unique flavor. I enjoy using limes in my avocado shrimp salsa. Therefore, a lemon cannot completely replace a lime and vice versa.

[50g of Limes = 5.5 carbs]

10. Grapefruits

The grapefruit is one of my favorite fruits to enjoy. Its citrus aroma is refreshing. However, the taste is even better. When you consider the size of an average grapefruit, they are one of the relatively low carb fruits. The entire fruit will add up to be more carbs than you need at once. However, eating 3 – 4 slices of grapefruits can very satisfying. When eating the fruit alone, I simply peel half the fruit and pull a few slices off to eat. Then, I enjoy the same grapefruit over the course of a day or two.

However, another way to enjoy the flavor of grapefruits is to make these delicious low carb grapefruit gummies! This recipe is currently my favorite low carb gummy recipe! They are quick and easy to make using fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. You will still get that pleasantly bittersweet, yet tart flavor that only a grapefruit can provide.

[50g of Grapefruits = 5.5 carbs. Half a grapefruit is about 123g = 13 carbs]

11. Plums

Plums are like an over-sized blueberry with one large seed in the middle. The skin is more violet-purple in color. However, the inside has a light to dark yellow orange or red color. Depending on the season and the selection you make, plums can be quite juicy. I usually enjoy fresh plums occasionally by themselves. However, raw plums can be incorporated into a variety of salads

[50g of Plum = 5.5 carbs. 1 plum is about 66g.]

low carb fruits list

12. Jicama

Jicama is actually a root vegetable. To me, it tastes like a mildly sweetened crunchy apple. Therefore, I decided to add this delicious low carb vegetable to the low carb fruits list.

However, if you do not see your favorite fruits on the list, learning strict portion control is an option. In this way, you can enjoy a much smaller amount of a fruit that is not naturally low carb. So, research will be required. Then, adjust your portion as needed. However, if the temptation is too great, just avoid eating it. Stick to the low carb fruits list. Take note that the low carb fruits list has the carb content given per 50g of each fruit. Therefore, in some cases you may only be able to eat a small portion of the fruit. While in other cases, you may be able to enjoy the entire fruit or several pieces of the fruit. You will see that the key to keeping fruit in your low carb diet is not over-eating these tasty snacks.

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